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Coin and Note Counters

Greenside | Counterfeit Detectors & UV Products | 

Coin Counter

Product Information

Coin Counter

  Ref: 91166276
Coin Counter
Quickly counting and sorting does not pose any problems for this model either. It processes approximately 220 coins per minute.
You can feed 300 to 500 coins at a time into the device and can continue adding coins while it is counting. When counting is completed, your mixed coins are sorted into the individual hoppers for bagging up.
You can also have this model bundle a preset amount of coins. This is as handy as it gets.

Counts and Sorts 216 Coins Per Minute.
Hopper Capacity of 300-500 Coins.
Add and Batch Function.
Total Quantity and Total Value.
Autostop When the Coin Tray is Full.

Price: 199.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Money Counter

Product Information

Money Counter

  Ref: 1093
High Capacity friction counter. Will suit shops, casg office and business taking large amounts of paper money. Compact Bank Note Counter with UV Light to help detect forgeries. Auto/Manual count, Variable batching
Suitable for all currency notes and most gift vouchers.

Colour: Cream

Size: 311 x 266 x 215 mm

Affordable friction counter to count large quantities.

Price: 299.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Coin Checker

Product Information

Coin Checker

  Ref: 91166277
Coin Checker from Salter Brecknell is ideal for applications where total portability combined with high accuracy coin checking is required.
Pre-programmed with all Sterling coin weights, the 402 is simple to operate - just select the coin value you are counting, load the scale and read the value in Sterling. No need to calculate value from weight, the 402 does that for you!
Powered from batteries or via a mains adaptor, which is included, the 402 can be easily moved to where the counting needs to take place. An auto/off feature is built in, to conserve battery life.

Price: 105.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Tellermate TY+ R100

Product Information

Tellermate TY+ R100

  Ref: 74
TY Retail systems dramatically speed till, float, safe and back office reconciliations. In a single count, TY Retail verifies the right totals for every denomination throughout your retail store estate.
TY Retail systems are modelled to suit retail best practice operations to maximise productivity and increase efficiency. Providing immediate gains, leading retailers report overall operational efficiency improvements up to 15% per store per day. Enabling seamless data transfer, TY Retail offers simple, non-invasive connectivity or full systems integration.
All TY Retail models feature:
Portability, powered by mains or rechargeable battery
Dual currency
Auto-add / Auto-scroll for rapid, systematic counting
Configurable denomination count order
Printer port for TY optional printer for instant audit and discrepancy purposes
Non-cash (cheques and credit card) accountability via alphanumeric keypad
Desktop calculator functionality

Price: 459.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Tellermate TD Extra

Product Information

Tellermate TD Extra

  Ref: 73
Tellermate TD is the only note and coin counter for small businesses.
Portable and lightweight, with a step-by-step spoken tutorial and user support, TD talks you through your first count and ensures counting success thereafter.
Remove excess cash during busy customer hours
Conduct spot audits
Prepare bank deposits
Dual currency and language
14 currencies and 12 languages available
Keep a record with optional TD printer
Simple: As easy to use as a calculator. Spoken on-board tutorial and help messages.
Fast: TD counts a cash drawer in under 60 seconds compared to the retail average time of 15 minutes by hand.
Accurate: No more errors or double checking. Used by banks and retailers around the world.

Price: 275.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Greenside | Counterfeit Detectors & UV Products | 

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